From the sugar cane fields of south Louisiana to your kitchen table, Steen’s products are one of the few remaining original “pure” food products. In 1910, Grandpa Steen didn’t have any reason to add anything to his syrup, the Steen family still feels that way today. Grandpa’s dream of making pure cane syrup has expanded through the years to include molasses, corn and cane syrup blends and cane vinegar.

The average syrup makin’ season extends from mid-October thru Christmas. And today, as in the old days, when Autumn is here and the tantilizing aroma fills the air, local residents know they will hear the old steam whistle at the syrup mill blowing. Knowing yet another year of history is being made at The C.S. Steen Syrup Mill. “Comme delices du gourmet, il n’y a rien de meillieur.” (For a gourmet’s delight, there’s nothing better.)

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