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History: This typical setting of a small syrup mill is much like the one C. S. Steen started with in 1910. In the early 1900's many mills such as this type dotted Southern Louisiana landscapes. This mule drawn mill could produce a couple barrels of syrup a day.

1st mill Cannin' Syrup: Grandma always said when you have a good thing going - then don't change it. Grandma Lillian lived by these words. After marrying Charley Steen Jr. in the early nineteen hundreds, she and her mother-in-law worked side by side canning syrup. "In those days one of us would fill the can with freshly cooked syrup and the other of us would snap on a lid. A man would take it from us, place it on a platform and roll it under a large fan to cool it off (which stopped the can of syrup from further cooking.) After the cans could be handled, it was time to label them. We would make a homemade paste, brush it on the identifying tag and place the tin cans in cases. I remember it was really hard work; we truly put our hearts and souls into what we were doing. You know I have seen the Mill run by four generations of Steen's. We've been through a lot together the times have sure changed in all these years. I tell you one thing it's a lot easier on those canning lines they have now than the way we had to do it then." Lillian B. Steen

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